Bone Grafts

Bone grafting is a procedure that allows us to rebuild your jaw bone that may have been lost due to dental disease, tooth loss and/or trauma.

Whether we use your bone, cadaver bone or synthetic bone, we always add growth elements that we obtain from your blood. We draw a couple of vials of blood at the time of the grafting procedure, and then spin it in a centrifuge to help collect your stem cells and growth factors. This process is called Platelet-rich fibrin and helps promote healing.

Did You Know…

You can lose 25-40% of your bone mass around your teeth within the first year after tooth removal. This process is referred to as RESORPTION. We can prevent this process by placing a socket preservation bone graft at the time of tooth removal. We then complete the process by placing an implant, in many cases, the same day. This is an ideal strategy to preserve the integrity of the bone and function. If you already have lost multiple teeth and you have significant bone resorption, then it may be necessary to rebuild the bone first and then follow up with implants six months later.


If you have already lost all of your teeth or need to have them all removed, you may be a candidate for “Full Arch Implant Supported Teeth in a Day”. Generally speaking, this procedure does not require any bone grafting.