Fact or Fiction? Are “Teeth in a Day” Really Placed in 1 Day?

Fact or Fiction?

If you’re researching dental implants, you have most likely heard the term “teeth in a day”.  You are probably wondering if it is really possible to have all of your dental implants placed in one day, or is it just a catch phrase?  The answer is two-fold, yes the full procedure can all be done in a day and allows you to leave the procedure with a beautiful smile, but like any important medical procedure, you will have several dental visits leading up to the procedure and thereafter. 

What is involved?

Prior to your dental implant surgery (whether it be for “teeth in a day” or traditional dental implant surgery), you will have your dental exam to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure and have enough bone to place a dental implant, or if you may require bone grafting.  Your dental implant surgeon will also take X-Rays, discuss your options and treatment plan with you. 

Unlike traditional dental implants that requiring a healing period before placing the implant and attaching the crown, the ‘“teeth in a day” cases usually refer to full arch dental implant restorations, in which all diseased teeth are removed, implants placed, and a temporary version of your teeth are placed—all in a single visit.” 1 This procedure allows you to enjoy a gorgeous smile immediately following the procedure, and once the surgical site has healed, your permanent dental implants will be placed.    

Am I a potential candidate for “teeth in a day”?

Are you looking for an alternative to bridgework and dentures?  Do you want to see an immediate change to your smile and improved functionality of your teeth?  A consultation with Dr. Young is the best way to determine if you are a good candidate for “teeth in a day”.  He will meet with you to examine your mouth, take x-rays and determine the best plan to meet your specific needs. 

The ideal candidate may have one or more missing teeth, has adequate bone to place dental implants, maintains healthy oral tissue, doesn’t smoke or grind teeth excessively, and does not have any medical conditions which may affect healing.  This is not to say you would not be a good candidate, but these are areas that Dr. Young will personally address with you to determine whether this procedure is the right fit for your specific needs.  In some cases, a patient may have needs that must be addressed prior to the “teeth in a day” procedure, such as the need for bone grafting or gum disease that must be treated.  However, don’t be discouraged, once Dr. Young helps you address these needs, you may still become eligible for the “teeth in a day” procedure.

If you are interested in “teeth in a day” or another dental implant surgery procedure, please call 888.257.4025 to set up a consultation with Dr. Young.


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