Top 5 Reasons to Get Dental Implants

  1. Confidence:  Whether it be replacing missing or broken teeth or ditching your dentures for a more permanent solution, dental implants can give you the confidence to flash your best smile and feel good in your skin again.  You don’t need to feel self-conscious of your missing teeth or worry about your dentures slipping, but instead can enjoy the look of a natural smile again.  
  2. Natural Appearance:  Dental implants are custom made to look just like your natural teeth in color and texture.  They are made of porcelain which looks just like the color and opacity of our real teeth.  Your dentist can customize the shape and color to blend with your natural teeth, so no one would ever know you have dental implants.
  3. Support your Health:  Since dental implants function like normal teeth, you are able to eat harder, healthier foods that may have been difficult to chew with missing or broken teeth.  It is also important to note that your oral health directly correlates with your physical health.
  4. Best Tooth Replacement:  Since dental implants are made of porcelain and anchored into your bone with  titanium (or zirconia as desired) you can have peace of mind knowing they are extremely strong and stable.  They are the best tooth replacement option in the dental field.
  5. Most Convenient Long-Term Option:  Not only are dental implants the best tooth replacement option, but the most convenient.  They do not need to be soaked nightly or adhere in your mouth daily, rather you care for them like you do your natural teeth.  Make sure to brush and floss regularly and schedule routine teeth cleanings.  

If you are interested in dental implant surgery, please call 888.257.4025 to set up a consultation with Dr. Young.  He has several office locations he works out of throughout Southeast Michigan.


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