Dental Implant Consultation

What Can a Patient Expect During a Dental Implant Consultation?

Dental implants provide patients with teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.  As with any procedure, patients should consult with their doctor to ensure they are a candidate.

1.  Exam

The first step is an oral examination during which the dentist will go over the patient’s medical history, examine the patient’s overall health, and perform a thorough exam of the patient’s gums and teeth.   The dentist will also evaluate if the patient has enough bone to place a dental implant or if a bone graft may be needed.

2.  X-Rays

The second step would be X-Rays or 3D images to show the structure and density of the bone to ensure it is favorable for dental implants.

3.  Discuss Treatment Options with Patient

After the exam, the dentist will discuss the different treatment options available to the patient and the patient can also ask any questions he/she may have related to the procedure. 

4.  Dental Implant Treatment Plan

Once the dentist and patient have a treatment plan set, the dentist will discuss the steps of the process with the patient:

1.  Time allotted for treatment

2.  Appointments needed for treatment

3.  Sedation and local anesthesia options

4.  Recovery period

5.  Dentist will go over Aftercare instructions

5.  The next step will be your dental implant placement procedure.

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