Post Op Dental Implant Procedure Expectations

What You Can Expect Following a Dental Implant Procedure?


After a dental implant procedure, you can expect some level of discomfort.  Depending on your specific case, you may have different stages to complete your dental implant procedure.  Regardless, it is common to have some pain at the surgical sight, slight bleeding and swelling/bruising of the gums and face.  Due to this, your doctor may prescribe you pain medication and/or antibiotics to prevent infection.  He/She may will most likely provide you with a Post-Operative Do’s and Don’t list explaining how and when to use ice, swish water and properly brush your teeth following a dental implant procedure.  After your procedure, if you feel something is not quite right or your symptoms worsen, make sure to contact your doctor right away. 


Typically, your dental implant surgeon will advise you to eat soft foods while your surgical site heals.  Your doctor will likely have you eat smaller bites of food and chew on the opposite side of your mouth. They will advise you to drink plenty of fluids, but avoid alcohol due to bleeding risks and medication interactions.  Your doctor may also recommend you to take different vitamins to aid in the healing process.  As for stitches, Dr. Young personally uses non-resorbable stitches that are removed at the post op appointment, which could be 2-4 weeks following surgery.


Dental implants have a high degree of success over 95% in most patients, however in those rare instances when they do not integrate to the bone your surgeon will remove bone graft and replace 3-6 months later.

There are many things you can do to help your dental implant procedure be successful (and keep your natural teeth healthy).  Practice good oral hygiene by scheduling routine cleanings/check-ups and brushing, flossing and/or using an interdental brush that slides between the teeth.  You can avoid damaging your teeth by avoiding: chewing on hard items, tooth staining caffeine and tobacco products and ensuring you get treatment if you grind your teeth.1

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